Jigsaw Escape Rooms | It’s a fun time with friends | Can your team escape?

You and your friends have been trapped in a high-stakes scenario.

Figure out the mysteries of the room and escape!

…Hurry, before time runs out!

What is an Escape Room?

Escape Rooms are an experience everyone should try: a life-sized adventure game!

You and your friends are locked in a room for 45 minutes during a high-stakes scenario. You must solve a series of fun, yet challenging puzzles and find the Escape Key before time runs out! Failure means imprisonment, impending danger, or an altogether very bad ending.

Hints and clues are provided to help you and your team solve the puzzles and make your escape. You will have to use your wits, creativity, and team-work to regain your freedom.

Conveniently located right in the ByWard Market at 12 ByWard Market Square, Jigsaw Escape Rooms is an exciting addition to almost any outing.

See if you can figure out how to escape in time! Book now.

Choose Your Escape

The Cabin

7 Players Max

The Cabin Escape Room

You and your friends are on an evening hike in Gatineau Park when you hear a scream off-path and decide to investigate.

That is the last thing you remember.

When you wake up, you are in a mysterious cabin with no clue of how you got there. Something feels off. There is blood on the walls. Suddenly, 45 minutes begin counting down on a clock.

Realizing you are in a killer’s lair, you must find a way to escape before he returns and you all are his next victims. Will you survive?!

CSI: The Study

7 Players Max

The Study Escape Room

You are a Crime Scene Investigator that must document a recent killing that took place in the study of an eccentric and well known entrepreneur. He is the owner of Cromwell toys, a company well known for its puzzles and games.

As you begin to investigate the crime scene, the door to the study slams shut. Over the intercom you hear a voice “I will be back to deal with you shortly.”

Who is this mysterious voice you hear? Will you be able to solve the crime and escape before he returns?!

The Heist

7 Players Max

The Heist Escape Room

You are part of a elite crime syndicate responsible for many high-end robberies.

Your last job net over $10,000,000 in diamonds.

Everything went to plan, until one of your associates double crossed you and took the score for himself.

After gathering intel, you have now found the location of his safe house.

Break in and take him for everything he’s got! It’s time to get even. Make it out before he returns and takes you out for good!

The Castle

The Castle Escape Room

It is a dangerous time in the land of Elmir.

War and poverty have ravaged neighbouring countries and a dark force has invaded your land, with no one able to stop it.

You and your friends are of the strongest, most heroic knights in the kingdom, but that alone is still not enough.

There have been tales of a powerful weapon that can defeat the darkness plaguing your land.

You must search the castle and find the weapon; only with it can you save the kingdom from the darkness that could consume us all!

The ByWard Market Butcher

The ByWard Market Butcher Escape Room

The year is 1920, you and your chums just had a howler of a night at the speakeasy. On your walk home you are all famished and see a sign that says “free steak” at a butchers shop, perfect!

In your inebriated state, you decide this to be a great idea for a late night snack and carefully make your way down a flight of stairs into a basement. It is then that you realize it will take everything you’ve got to survive this meal.

Nothing in this life is free.

Who Plays Escape Room Games?

Friends & Family

If you were trapped in a room with your friends and family, with a number of puzzles to solve within 45 minutes, could you solve them all and escape in time?

Escape rooms are a fun time for your friends and loved ones, come and see if your group can escape our rooms!

Team Building & Group Events

Escape Rooms are a fun way to create lasting bonds amongst teammates. They bring people together towards a common goal, and encourage teamwork to escape.

Friendships are strengthened with each puzzle solved, and finding your way out as a group is a shared win for the team as a whole.

Book a room for your team, or contact us for large groups.

Puzzlers & Gamers

Put the same skills you use in your games and puzzles to work in a real-world scenario!

The whole room is a puzzle, one that you can reach out and touch.

Can your team escape in time?

Tourists & Visitors

Jigsaw Escape Rooms is a great adventure for visitors to Ottawa.

It gives you a thrill ride without having to step on a roller coaster, and can make a great addition to your itinerary.

Come, try us, and see if you can make it out in time.

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Book Your Escape

Ready to see if you and your friends can figure out how to escape in time? Click the button below to head to the Booking page and book and escape room.


It’s $22 plus tax per person. No credit card is needed to book, payment will be handled on arrival.

You don’t need to fill all the slots in a room to come, you can reserve for two to six players.
(Please note though that you may be joined by more players if a room isn’t full for a given timeslot.)

If you need to reschedule or cancel, please use the link found in your confirmation email, which you’ll receive shortly after booking.

Escape Room History

Escape room games have been around for some time, mostly in fiction or within the digital world, in video games. Within the last 10 years they have jumped out of the digital world and into reality.

Instead of being trapped in a virtual room, people are now trapped in real-life scenarios allowing them to interact in a much deeper way. We must now mentally and physically use the environment we have been put into, or face impending danger!

Escape games give us an exciting way to live out these scenarios we see so often in movies or in video games, and put ourselves to the test on a whole new level. It’s a great way to spend the evening with family, friends, or coworkers. This experience allows us all to work on team building, test your survival abilities, or just have a great time!


Are the rooms bilingual?

Absolutely! Each room is fully bilingual.

How much does it cost?

Each player pays $22 plus tax.

Can we come with less than eight players?

Yes, absolutely! You’re more than welcome to come with any number of players. But please note that you may be joined with another group if the room isn’t full. If you have four or more playters, feel free to contact us to make your room private.

Should I book for just myself, or for my group?

It’s similar to making a reservation at a restaurant: We ask for one person’s name to hold the reservation under. Just let us know how many people you’ll be bringing when you book.

Do I need to pay upfront when I book?

Nope. Each member of your team will pay on arrival before entering the room.

What time should we arrive?

Please arrive 15 minutes before your start time for orientation and processing. Late arrivals may have their time in the room shortened, or their booking cancelled, so other groups aren’t impacted.

How long does it take to escape?

The entire experience will take about one hour and the escape has a 45 minute limit.

What if we arrive late?

For late arrivals, we may need to shorten your play time as the rooms run continuously and our staff needs time to prepare each group’s escape.

What is the minimum age to play?

We ask that all participants be at least 18 years of age. Players under 18 can still play, but they must have a parent or guardian with them to sign and give permission to play or accompany the group within the room.

Where can I find the waiver for players under 18 years of age?

If you have any players under 18 years
old and their parent/guardian won’t be attending, please make sure they bring a pre-signed copy of this Under 18 Waiver Form, signed by a parent or guardian.

Can I cancel my reservation?

Yes, you may cancel using the link in the email we’ll send you. We ask that you let us know at least 48 hours in advance so that another group can get a chance to enjoy the great time you are passing up. Confirm your numbers before booking please, missing members of a reservation will be charged for on arrival.

How many people are needed to play?

The smallest group able to book is 2 people. If you are a group smaller than 7, you may be paired with others during your experience.

Can we change the number of people in our reservation?

Of course, please send us an email or give us a call for any changes to your group size. As long as you have not been matched up with another group, you can add people. You must give us 48 hours notice for a cancellation, a reduction in numbers, or if you would like to reschedule (rescheduling is based on current availability)

If we do not have seven people, will we be paired up with another group?

If your group does not fill the room for your time slot, you may be teamed up with another group. If you have at least four players, you can contact us to request to reserve the entire room. The more people you have, the greater your chance for success!

Can we make the room private for just our team?

If you have at least four (4) players and would like to reserve the room, please feel free to contact us to make the room private.

Can we hold our group event at Jigsaw?

Certainly, please contact puzzlemaster@jigsawescape.com for any inquiries. These groups are still subject to room availability, so don’t forget to check our booking schedule for your dates.

I have a special request, who can I contact?

If you have an special requests, or questions that have not been answered here, please feel free to contact us at puzzlemaster@jigsawescape.com and we will be happy to help you.


Jigsaw Escape Rooms


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