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How it works

You're placed in a scenario

You will be given your goal before entering: Escape, solve the mystery, find the stash, etc. Which will you choose?

The door shuts behind you

Your team has only one way out: Solve the challenges, and complete your goals before time runs out.

The Clock Is Ticking…

Tick tock goes the clock. Time to complete your mission. Many teams have tried, few succeeded. How will your group fair?

Choose Your Experience

Difficulty: Moderate

Cabin in the Woods

ByWard Market

You and your friends wake up in a mysterious cabin with no clue of how you got there...

Cabin in the Woods title
    image. A picture of a glowing lantern on a wooden wall.
Difficulty: Medium

CSI: The Study

ByWard Market

You are a team of Crime Scene Investigators, and you must solve the mystery before the killer returns...

CSI: The Study title image. A
    picture of a thick book on a desk
Difficulty: Medium

The Diamond Heist

ByWard Market

Your associate has double-crossed you, and now it's time for payback...

The Diamond Heist title
    image. A picture of a combination dial on a vault.
Difficulty: Medium

The Castle

ByWard Market

The land of Elmir is in danger. You are a detachment of knights who must find a way to defeat the darkness plaguing your land...

The Castle title image. A picture
    of a powerful sword.
Difficulty: Well-Done

The ByWard Market Butcher

ByWard Market

You and your chums have accepted the butcher's offer for a "free steak," only to realize that it comes at a very high price...

The ByWard Market
    Butcher title image. A picture of a bloody meat hook on a table

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