[Escape Room]
The Pirate's Code

Difficulty (HARRrrrrrd)

It is one hour to midnight in the small fishing village of Fenwick. The full moon is about to crest and a mysterious ship has sailed ashore.

Thinking it odd that a ship would be mooring so late, you head to the docks to see who might be there. Strangely, though, when you arrive you find the ship empty...not a soul aboard.

Something feels amiss and as you walk across the wooden floors, a whisper in the wind tells you a tale of a ghost pirate who plundered the Seven Seas taking riches beyond anyone's dreams. Once a month on the Full Moon that ghost pirate comes to life and can walk among the living again.

Being a true pirate you know you must find the treasure. But be quick -- you have only 60 minutes before a supernatural force comes back to claim what's his.

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