Jigsaw Escape Rooms Privacy Policy

Effective Date: April 17, 2019


Welcome to Jigsaw Escape Rooms!

We value your privacy, and your right to privacy. This Privacy Policy explains how Jigsaw Escape Rooms Inc. ("Jigsaw Escape Rooms," "we," "us," "our," together with all subsidiaries) handles personal information, and provides options to opt-out of such use, where possible. This Privacy Policy only applies to websites controlled by us that link to this Privacy Policy.

By using any of Jigsaw Escape Room's sites or services, you are agreeing to the terms of this Privacy Policy. Please read this Privacy Policy carefully, and feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.


Jigsaw Escape Rooms gathers certain types of information about our website visitors and customers, we want you to understand what information we collect as you use our website and services, how we collect it, how that information is used, and how you can control our use and disclosure of it.

Jigsaw Escape Rooms owns and operates the JigsawEscape.com website, and physical locations in different cities. We are committed to protecting the privacy of our visitors and customers while they interact with the content, products and services on this site (the “Site”) and at our locations.


We understand that you are trusting us with your personal information, and we take that seriously. We are committed to protecting the information we receive from you. We take appropriate security measures to protect your information against unauthorized access to or unauthorized alteration, disclosure or destruction of data. To prevent unauthorized access, maintain data accuracy, and ensure the correct use of information, we maintain appropriate physical, electronic, and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure the information and data stored on our system.

For example, part of our security measures to protect your privacy include:

  • Only using trusted, well-known third party partners who provide appropriate security measures
  • Ensuring that your information is only transmitted using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption in transit

However, no computer system is completely secure, and as such we cannot guarantee that information will not be accessed, manipulated, disclosed or deleted, by a breach of any of our safeguards. When you submit information to us, please be aware that the information you provide is transmitted through the internet, and although we use industry standard data transport encryption, no method of information transfer over the Internet is fully secure. Please also note that while communications with us through our Site are encrypted as it travels through the Internet, it is not encrypted at the endpoints (i.e., on your computer, and on the data center it is sent to); as such, we strongly advise you not to send any confidential information that needs to be encrypted at rest.

In the event of a data breach, and the possibility that your information was accessed by an unauthorized person, we will let you know when and if we are required by law to do so. In such an event, there may be delays in notifying you while we take appropriate measures to learn the scope of the breach, as well as to secure our systems. There may also be delays while dealing with law enforcement, for example, if releasing such information would compromise an investigation.

If you have noticed or are concerned about any potential security issues, please do contact us at security@jigsawescape.com. We take this very seriously, and would greatly appreciate you informing us and working with us to help keep our systems secure. Thank you.


We collect two types of information from you: i) information that you manually and voluntarily provide to us (e.g. through booking or scheduling an escape room experience with us, voluntary registration processes, sign-ups, contact requests or emails); and ii) information that is obtained through technology.

Manually Provided Information for the Site and our Services

How is information manually provided?

We collect personally identifiable information when you choose to use certain features of the Site or make use of our Services, including: i) booking or scheduling an escape room experience, ii) making purchases, iii) consenting to receive email or text messages about upcoming promotions or events, iv) consenting to receive email, v) contacting us through one of our contact forms, iv) commenting on articles, vi) filling in waivers, and others. For such requests, you may choose to voluntarily provide us with the requested information.

Types of Personal Information we collect

When you choose to use certain features of the Site or our services, we may request certain types of Personal Information from you. For example, when booking an escape room with us, we may ask for information such as your name, email address, and phone number ("Contact Information"). To complete a purchase, payment information may be required such as your billing address, shipping address, and credit card information ("Payment Information"), in addition to your Contact Information. We may also request certain information around your likes and preferences, to serve you better. In addition, we may also request certain information for those who will be joining you during the event. We may reference these types of information collectively in this policy as "Personal Information."

Why we collect this information

We may use your Manually Provided Information Contact Information to:

  • Provide you information about your booking
  • Provide you with the services or products you requested
  • Providing customer services
  • Respond to your inquiries and contact requests
  • If you opted in to our mailing list, to send you email newsletters. Each email newsletter will provide a link to easily opt out of receiving further newsletters.
  • To say thank you
  • Contact you regarding your use of the Site or our Services
  • Contact you regarding changes to our Policies
  • Communicate with you as required by law
  • To improve our Sites and Services

We may use your Manually Provided Information Payment Information to:

  • Process payments for the services or products you are requesting

Technology Provided Information for the Site and our Services

How is information provided by technology?

We use the following methods to collect information via technology

We collect certain information that is made available by web browsers, servers, and Internet Service Providers ("ISPs") as you use the Site.

Cookies. Cookies are small information files that can be stored on a visitor's device. Websites can use cookies to store a small amount of data as text, and that information can be read and updated on future visits. We currently don't store our own cookies on your device; however, certain Third-Party Service Providers (such as described elsewhere in this Policy) may use cookies (called "Third-Party Cookies") to facilitate their services. We have provided links and options to opt-out third-party cookies below, where available. Please note that we do not have access or control over third-party cookies. By continuing to use our Sites, we will assume you agree to the use of these cookies.

Web Beacons. Web Beacons are small image files included on a Site to track website usage by visitors. These are sometimes called "pixels," such as the Facebook Pixel, referencing that they are usually one pixel in size. Some of the Third-Party Service Providers we use may use Web Beacons.

Types of Technology Provided Information we collect

During your visit and use of our Site, we may collect:

  • Information around how you use our Site, such as the pages you visit.
  • We may also collect information from your web browser, such as which web browser you're using, the type of device you are using to access the Site, and your device's screen resolution. This information is provided by your web browser, and helps us to serve web pages to you that fit your screen, and are tailored to your device.
  • We also may log your Internet Protocol ("IP") Address. An IP Address is essentially your device's address on the Internet. This is provided by your ISP, and is used to send web pages, images, videos, etc. from the website you're visiting to your specific device.

Why we collect this information

We may use your Technology Provided Information to:

  • Serve you web pages that are designed to fit your specific screen
  • To track and measure website performance

5. When we share your information

Jigsaw Escape Rooms does not sell or rent your Personal Information or Technology Provided Information to any third-party.

There are certain situations where we share your information.

Third-Party Service Providers

We use specific, trusted Third-Party Service Providers to service various aspects of our Site and Services.

We want you to be in control of your data, so we have included links and sources for how to opt-out of the various third-party services we use, wherever available. There are certain providers, however, that we don't have an easy way enable opt-outs, such as our booking provider (Bookeo), or our payment provider (Stripe). If you would like your information deleted from those services, however, please feel free to send an email to privacy@jigsawescape.com, and we will work to delete your information in a reasonable amount of time.

In general, you can opt-out of the various trackers used across the web by visiting this WebChoices page, or via Network Advertising Institute's Consumer opt-out. Please note that you will still see ads if you choose to opt-out using these methods, however, they won't be personalized based on your interests. The sub-sections below also provide the specific opt-out and control pages we've found for the Third-Party Services that we use.

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics for web traffic analysis, performance monitoring, and statistics around the use of our Site and our marketing. Google Analytics does not capture Personally Identifiable Information ("PII") from you, nor do we send any PII to Google Analytics. We also use Google Analytics features for demographic and interests analysis, Google Display Network advertising, and for remarketing, which allows us to show our visitors ads on the web through Google Ads.

To see how Google Analytics uses your data, you can read the Google Analytics Privacy Policy here.

Google Analytics uses cookies, as part of its service, and cannot function without the use of cookies. It also probably uses Web Beacons for certain aspects. You can read more about How Google uses data when you use sites or apps that use Google's services.

You can opt-out of Google Analytics by visiting their currently available opt-outs page.

Google Ads

We use Google Ads to serve ads through Google across the web. We use Google Ads' personalized advertising option as well.

Google Ads uses cookies, and possibly Web Beacons.

You can opt-out of Google Ads by visiting Google's Ads Settings page.


We use Facebook for advertising on the Facebook network. We use the Facebook Pixel (a Web Beacon), which allows us measure the return on investment of Facebook Ads by tracking the actions taken on our Site, and allows us to present ads to visitors on Facebook.

If you would prefer not to see such ads, you can opt-out of Facebook Ads here.

Facebook uses cookies as part of their service. See Facebook's Cookie Policy for details on how Facebook uses cookies.

You can see Facebook's Privacy Policy here.


We use Bookeo to manage escape room bookings. This service may use cookies during its booking process. We don't have a way to stopping the cookie use, but if you'd like your information deleted from Bookeo, please send us an email at privacy@jigsawescape.com.

You can read Bookeo's Privacy Policy to learn how they handle your data.


Our escape room booking service provider (Bookeo) uses Stripe to securely process payments performed on our Site. This service may use cookies during the payment process.

If you would like your data deleted from Stripe, please feel free to contact us at privacy@jigsawescape.com.

You can see Stripe's privacy policy here.


We use Mailchimp to collect voluntarily provided email addresses for those who would like to join our mailing list. Each email newsletter we send has an easy to use link to opt-out of future newsletters, if desired.

You can see Mailchimp's Privacy Policy here.

Other situations

We may also share information in the following situations

  • We may share personally identifiable or other information with our parent, subsidiaries, divisions, and affiliates.
  • In the case of certain business events, such as an acquisition, merger, or joint venture, and similar, part of such an event may include the transfer or sharing of the Personal Information we have acquired to the third-party. Personal Information transferred in such a transaction will be subject to any preexisting Privacy Policy, as applicable.
  • To comply with any legal request made by government officials
  • Where we are legally obligated or required to do so
  • We use non-identifying and aggregate information to better design our website and for business and administrative purposes. We may also use or share with third parties for any purpose aggregated data that contains no personally identifiable information.
  • Jigsaw Escape Rooms may disclose Contact Information in special cases where we have reason to believe that disclosing this information is necessary to identify, contact or bring legal action against someone who may be violating our terms and conditions of use or may be causing injury or interference with our rights, property, our customers or anyone who could be harmed by such activities.


You may contact us at privacy@jigsawescape.com to update any information that you have provided to us, or to request us to delete your information.

You also have the ability to directly control your privacy options at some of our Third-Party Service Providers. The sections above provide the opt-out options available at the time of this writing. Please note that the Third-Party Service Providers may change their links from time to time. If any of the links below don't work, you may have to search the web for the appropriate page.

(If you happen to notice any non-working links, or new opt-out links, we would greatly appreciate it if you could send a quick email to us at privacy@jigsawescape.com to let us know. Thank you.)


If you receive an email from us and would prefer not to receive such communications in the future, you can do so by following the instructions in the emails. In addition, you may send an email to privacy@jigsawescape.com. We will make commercially reasonable efforts to implement your opt-out requests promptly, but you may still receive communications from us for up to ten business days as we process your request.


We do not solicit any personal information from children. If you are not 18 or older, you are not authorized to use the Site. Parents should be aware that there are parental control tools available online that can be used to prevent children from submitting information online without parental permission or from accessing material that is harmful to minors.

Since children under the age of 18 are permitted to play our escape rooms, we require a parent or guardian to sign the Under 18 Waiver Form instead of the child.

If you are the parent or guardian of a child under 18 whom you suspect to have submitted personal information to us, you may request its removal by emailing us at privacy@jigsawescape.com.


By consenting to the Terms and Conditions of the Site and hence the Privacy Policy, you consent that no data transmission over the Internet is completely secure. We cannot guarantee or warrant the security of any information you provide to us and you transmit such information to us at your own risk.


Jigsaw Escape Rooms reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy from time to time at its sole discretion. If at some point in the future, there is a change to our Privacy Policy, unless we obtain your express consent, such change will only apply to information collected after the revised Privacy Policy took effect. We encourage you to check this privacy policy from time to time to learn of any changes. You can see the latest date of the privacy policy from the "Effective Date" listed in this document. Your continued use of the Site and our Services indicates your assent to the Privacy Policy as posted.


If you have any questions, concerns, or complaints regarding this Privacy Policy please contact us at privacy@jigsawescape.com, or by registered mail at:

Jigsaw Escape Rooms Inc.
Attn: Chief Privacy Officer
12 ByWard Market Square, Unit 2
Ottawa, Ontario K1N 7A1