[Escape Room]
The Wild West

Difficulty (Tough)

You're a group of outlaws in the Wild West of the 1850s.

For years, you've managed to dodge the Town Law in every county -- but you made a huge mistake coming here.

Last night, the town's highly esteemed Sheriff David caught you all by surprise, and red-handed.

He's locked you up in his holding cell -- and you're about to be transferred for your long-term, all-inclusive stay at the Jailbird Hotel.

That's maximum security. Them doors don't swing back open for no one.

You've just noticed an opening that may be your only chance to save yourselves from paying the penalty due for your crimes.

At the Jailbird Hotel, they take your payment out of your hides.

You really don't want to go there.

You have just about an hour to make your escape.

The clock is tickin'!

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